Episode 30 – Physician Burnout and Other Issues (feat. Mary Kate)

We are joined by Mary Kate this week on Podphylaxis, and we discuss our experiences on our surgery clerkship, being passionate about your work, and the cellular degeneration rates of newly minted resident physicians. The crew also gets curious about lampreys and its merits in sushi.

Episode 22 – Traditional Chinese Medicine (feat. Destinee)

Destinee joins us this week and shares her experiences from studying medicine in Taiwan for the summer, and educates us about the differences between the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Allopathic medicine that we are currently studying. In addition, we talk about procedures that Destinee had the opportunity to perform on patients such as various …

Episode 18 – Learning the Clinical Ropes (feat. Dr. Adams)

We are joined by Radiology-Oncology resident Dr. Quentin Adams as he gives us pointers on our impending transition from the classroom into the clinical wards, why he chose his specialty, and why you should always wear flip-flops in a public shower.