Episode 28 – Erik’s Grab Bag (feat. Dabin)

We have a bit of a potpurri for this episode, and Dabin tries to audition at being a “recurring guest host.” Join us this week as we take about black holes, debrief on our clinical rotations thus far, and an unsolicited medical review on Jordan Peele’s psychological thriller film Us.

Episode 27 – Taking the Road Less Traveled (feat. Paul)

This week we interview Paul about the multitudes of experiences he has had in his life. Some highlights include disaster planning for San Francisco, exploring diaspora colonies in South America, and holding Afghan community meetings in California after 9/11. Honestly, there’s so much more in the episode, you really just need to listen to the …

Episode 26 – New Directions (feat. Madison)

This week we introduce the newest member of the team and social media manager, Madison! We also discuss our sponsorship with Student Doctor Network, and the directions that the podcast will be taking in the future.  Erik discloses operational secrets, and the gang takes a Pokemon or prescription drug quiz.

Episode 25 – Doctors and Dragons – Book 1 – (Chapter 4 – The Gore Pit feat. Claire and Dabin)

Returning back to the stage of magic and fantasy, our intrepid adventurers journey into the Gore Pits. After meeting Steve Mullens in the gnoll dungeon, our team becomes separated. Tune in to hear if they survive in the arena!

Episode 23 – Pre-Medical Admissions (Student Questions – feat. Dabin)

After a brief hiatus from starting clinical rotations, Chris and Erik are back with a new episode where Dabin somehow found his way back onto the podcast. We answer questions from pre-medical students found on Student Doctor Network, and Erik administers a brief quiz to see who is the better friend courtesy of 17 magazine.

Episode 22 – Traditional Chinese Medicine (feat. Destinee)

Destinee joins us this week and shares her experiences from studying medicine in Taiwan for the summer, and educates us about the differences between the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Allopathic medicine that we are currently studying. In addition, we talk about procedures that Destinee had the opportunity to perform on patients such as various …

Episode 21 – New Year, Same Dabin (feat. Dabin)

We are running out of guests, and Dabin is back yet again. This week we talk about the year in review, make resolutions for each other, and go through some questions from the website Student Doctor Network (SDN). Stay tuned for the year as we try out some new directions with the podcast! What do …

Episode 20 – Rock the Vote (feat. Melissa)

Just in time for the new year, we have Melissa with us to talk about the importance of getting involved politically while being active in the medical field. We also discuss her time at the American Medical Association conference this year as a student, and she also gives a great list of resources to help …

Episode 19 – Doctors and Dragons – Book 1 (Chapter 3 – The Umber Hulk feat. Claire and Dabin)

We finally unveil the third episode of the long-awaited Doctors and Dragons! In this episode the gang tackles the lair of the Umber hulk and tries to survive the lethal onslaught of gnolls.