Episode 34 – Birdhole Part 2 (feat. Madison)

We are back with a reunion episode that was due two months ago! So this is our official 14 month anniversary. Madison joins us facilitating a riveting question set designed by psychologist Arthur Aron that alleges to accelerate intimacy between strangers after answering 36 questions. As Erik so eloquently states, “We get down and dirty …

Episode 32 – Male Idiot Theory (feat. Madison)

We have an episode from the vault this week on the Male Idiot Theory featuring Madison! This week Chris and Erik talk about all the dumb things that they did in their past lives, and the guys take turns answering pageant questions from Miss Muscatine herself. (It’s Madison).

Episode 31 – Fatherhood (feat. Ryan)

In honor of father’s day, we bring longtime classmate and full-time father Ryan onto Podphylaxis to talk about his experience going through medical school while being married and having a son in his first year as a medical student. The gang eats crickets during the show and Ryan is going to raise his son to …

Episode 30 – Physician Burnout and Other Issues (feat. Mary Kate)

We are joined by Mary Kate this week on Podphylaxis, and we discuss our experiences on our surgery clerkship, being passionate about your work, and the cellular degeneration rates of newly minted resident physicians. The crew also gets curious about lampreys and its merits in sushi.