Episode 18 – Learning the Clinical Ropes (feat. Dr. Adams)

We are joined by Radiology-Oncology resident Dr. Quentin Adams as he gives us pointers on our impending transition from the classroom into the clinical wards, why he chose his specialty, and why you should always wear flip-flops in a public shower.

Episode 17 – Coming Out (feat. Jeremy)

Our guest this week is Jeremy, and we talk about a myriad of topics including the LGTBQIA+ community in medicine both as patients and providers, coming out and self-acceptance, and his time spent teaching English in South Korea. For all the neurotic pre-med students out there, Jeremy also gives a thoughtful response on how to …

Episode 16 – Medical Mysteries (feat. Dabin)

This week we bring back fan-favorite guest Dabin straight out of his warm bed to discuss the medical mysteries of the Dancing Plague of 1518, the “Toxic Lady” Gloria Ramirez, and the bottomless pit of Frenchman named Tarrare who was accused of eating a 14 month old toddler. Erik contemplates eating Chris and Dabin pending …

Episode 12 – Captain (feat. Joe)

This week we have seasoned traveler Joe on the Podphylaxis, as he recounts his days rising through the ranks of a small-time delicatessen, to a scuba boat captain in Hawaii, and finally landing in the PA program. We also discuss some of the deciding factors that Joe deliberated with in choosing the PA program over …

Episode 11 – Two Brothers React (feat. Amrinder and Brian)

We have the two almost-brothers, Amrinder and Brian, with us this week. Join us as we delve into Brian’s previous voice-acting ambitions, Amrinder’s rise to fame as a Youtube reactionist, and the different experiences that have been shaping our specialty choices.

Episode 10 – Doctors and Dragons – Book 1 (Chapter 2 – Spooky Rectal feat. Claire and Dabin)

Part two of our adventure when we reach the clinic of Whiteridge. We meet Perry the medical student and investigate the suspicious trapdoor in the “spooky rectal” room.

Episode 9 – Doctors and Dragons – Book 1 (Chapter 1 – Gnome Cage feat. Claire and Dabin)

Part one of our first foray of our Doctors and Dragons series! Join us for this chapter our adventurers are Chris (as Erik the female elf), Dabin (as Warren the male gnome), and Claire (as John Wick the male human), as we start our adventure to the city of Whiteridge as resident physicians.